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Computing & IT Solutions

Computing & IT Solutions

At moblo we can manage and support the computer systems that manage your business. We design, install, support and maintain IT systems for businesses big and small across the East Anglian area.

Products, services & support

All of our services and solutions are personalised to specifically meet the needs of your business. This gives you all the benefits of an in-house IT guru without the cost of full-time staff. We are on call to support your IT needs throughout the entire process, from design, supply & installation to the support & maintenance of your solution.


Computer break-fix solution

Without your computers working, your business canít work. If your computer crashes we can be right on hand to get them going again. And with a preventative maintenance solution you can minimise these annoying interruptions from happening again and again.



Servers are an intrinsic part of a business network. File servers help you store your information, terminal servers offer you access to your information and email servers enable you to send your information.
No matter what your business, the right server configuration is essential. moblo can ensure your underlying systems can handle the current and future demands of your business as well as maintain these systems so they remain reliable and robust.



The correct design of your computer networks is of high importance to your business. At moblo we take the time to understand both your current and future needs. This means we can provide a solution that will grow with you. We can also manage your network to ensure that interruptions and downtime you may probably experience are a thing of the past.


Internet & security

What business can run without reliable internet? At moblo we can ensure that all your internal infrastructure is optimised so your internet is as reliable as possible.

Securing your businesses information from intruders, hackers and malware is critical. It is not a matter of if but when your systems will be compromised by one of the above. That means you need to apply the same rigor to protecting your electronic assets as you do to your physical assets. The four essential elements of data security include anti-virus software, spyware prevention, firewalls and system updates.



Electronic data has become the backbone of businesses around the globe. A crash may be inevitable but the loss of data such as email, customer databases and accounting systems doesn't have to be. moblo can help you with the headache and stress surrounding system backups by sourcing the most effective system for your needs as well as managing it and monitoring it to ensure it is working effectively.


Design, supply, install & support

Designing, installing and supporting new information systems is a constantly recurring cycle in most businesses. We can pick up and manage your systems at any point in this cycle. Then, by being with you every step of the way, we can ensure that your systems are constantly evolving in line with your businesses objectives.


Client relationships

moblo does not insist on any onerous or restrictive contracts. We charge moderate fees based on the hours of work we perform. If we find that you need us a great deal we will make the hourly rates even more attractive. We can also arrange regular visits for preventative maintenance to nip potential problems in the bud.

If you have a problem, let us suggest a solution. moblo is dedicated to boosting your information flow so that you can get the best out of your business.
We can ensure that your business or personal data is secure Ė and kept that way.


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