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Flyers & posters

Flyers & posters

As any businessman or woman would know, flyers and posters are an important way to let people know about the service or product that they provide. For small companies and businesses, it is ideal to utilise the great response and feedback these materials provide.

Parties usually only use flyers as a form of advertising. That is why it is important that it is an eye-catching flyer that will immediately grab your attention.


Flyer and poster designs have always been one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses and organisations.

Flyers are a great source of information

Flyers can be given to anyone, at anytime and any place. Keep them in your office for customer reference, send them to old clients and new contacts, or hand them out in person at an event or on the street.


These simple little things can be passed easily from person to person like a formal word of mouth, promoting your business far and wide, or can be kept by your customers for when they need you the most.


Include a special offer or promotion and watch your business soar.


Flyers are an easy way to spread information quickly. Even in the digital age that we live in today where you may think email is the way forward to spread information, leaflets are as popular as ever. To put it simply the printed word still has huge credibility.


Flyers are an excellent way to increase brand awareness for your business, especially when used with other marketing methods.



Poster printing is an effective way of sending a message. Using text, photographs, and graphics, you can turn peoplesí heads and make them informed. That is why it is important to apply basic design theories and principles, such as balance, symmetry and aesthetic in order to make an attractive print.


moblo always make full use of colour. Colour makes this kind of marketing material highly attractive, so we choose the colour that will best capture the mood of your message or will evoke emotions.


A poster is a visual presentation of information and should be designed as such.
Flyers & posters by moblo creative
An eye-catching flyer or poster will immediately grab your customer's attention.
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